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The Story of an Outdoorsman

Different Breed Lures is an American owned and American made outdoor sportsman company, designed for the unique outdoors-man. We are founded on Faith in God, Family, and Country. Our roots are truly Hoosier in nature, as fishing and hunting have been a part of our upbringing. Whether it’s on the water in Patoka Lake or in the field of Carroll County, the Different Breed family has explored a wide variety of outdoor experiences. From canoe rides on Blue River to the white water of the Tippecanoe River just below the dam wall. We know the sweet spots of Delaney and the honey holes at Deam’s Lake, oh yeah, we’ve been there! It really doesn’t matter, if you’re from the Henryville State Forestry or the warm water of Davis County Fishing Reserve, we know your spirit. We’ve got Boilermakers, Trailblazers, and Grenadiers in our family, so yeah we know you, Indiana. Now we are expanding from the bait shops of Delphi like, Treasures in the Woods, to the bait shops of the Ozarks, Cricket Creek Marina. We now have expanded to multiple states. With a Southern Command post in Florida, we have an outpost in Jacksonville and May-port. You’ll find our line of lures in states throughout the Mid-West, including Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Our brand is your spirit! Which, is why we have become so successful so quickly. It’s hard to be true to yourself and follow a passion that leads the way. Fisherman and Sportsman alike all share a common thread. A respect for nature, a passion to explore, and a love to tell the story of their adventures. So, get out there, if you’re not already. Take a kid fishing or teach them about gun safety and the thrill of the hunt. Show the next generation that there is more out there then just blinking lights on a phone. There is a world of adventure just waiting for you imagination to explore it. We here at Different Breed Lures will be waiting for you when you do. Ready to set sail out on open water, down dirt roads, across rickety bridges, through the tall grass and back across the driftwood piles, you know, where the big fish are. We like to call these places “honey holes”. As you answer that call, that calls you from beyond, just reminder, “YOU ARE A DIFFERENT BREED”!

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