Funky Monkey Azz-Blaster

Funky Monkey Azz-Blaster

THE AZZ BLASTER!!! 12ct bag    2 inch lure

The Azz-blaster is uniquely designed specifically for verticle jigging, this is a large profile lure designed to target those big fish. This bait works perfectly with any live imaging system. We have made the grub portion of this bait abnormally large to allow for a slow drop in the water column even on your larger jig heads. The Azz-blaster was also designed to drop perfectly straight. The design allows you to put this plastic right on the nose of a crappie when using a system, like livescope without spooking the fish with erratic movements.

Drops straight down nice and slow.

  • Packaging Amounts

    Packages of 12 to 20 lures!

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